Are you currently searching for hair salons in Cheltenham? Within the Cheltenham area there are many hairdressers, but knowing which ones you can rely on can be the hardest challenge. Here at The Cutting Room, we’re widely known across the area as one of the leading hair salons. The reason for this is because we can create any kind of look for a range of people.

Our team of hairdressers are dynamic, they each have varied skills and know how best to meet the needs of their customers. We not only have the aptitude to create the perfect look, but our stylists have the care and love to offer a welcoming service to each customer who sets foot in The Cutting Room.

We are here for you all year. Whether you fancy a new style, require a striking look for a big occasion or you need your regular cut, we’ll be on hand to support you. We’re serious about our work and always relish the opportunity to work with new or returning customers.

Not only do we offer a quality hair styling service, but we also provide a number of hair products for our customers on our website. We offer Uniq One by Revlon, GHDs and Bed Head to name just a few of our offering.

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