Are you a man or lady looking for a new hair style in Cheltenham? We are widely known as one of the leading hair salons in Cheltenham, and have the capacity to style hair for both men and women in the area. We have loyal customers from all around and enjoy meeting new people, as well as completing styles for our regulars.

Since 2005, we have become Cheltenham’s leading hairdressers for men and women, mostly because of our quality customer service and skilled stylists. The reason for our growth is mostly due to the wonderful customers we’ve worked with and their word-of-mouth recommendations.

Within the Cheltenham community we are the leading hair salon in Cheltenham and are known for this. With the ability to achieve any style, our customers can rest easy knowing that they can either gain their regular style or spice it up with a new and improved look.

The Cutting Room is the ideal solution for whether you’re looking for a normal cut, or special style for a special occasion. Our team of stylists will be more than happy to work with you and give you the look you most desire.

Looking for a barber shop in Cheltenham? Look no further!

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