Have you been brainstorming ideas for your new tattoo? If you’re located in Cheltenham and you would like to have a new tattoo of a pet, celebrity, word or name that you love, then look no further than our leading tattoo studio in Cheltenham.

At The Cutting Room, we’re known as a leading hair salon in Cheltenham, but we also offer quality tattoos in Cheltenham too. Our skilled tattoo artists know how best to work with a needle. Just like the skill of knitting, they can work a needle fluently and skilfully to create any type of art on your skin.

Whether it’s a tattoo just for you, you and a friend, or a partner want to get identical tattoos, we can complete this for you. Tattoos today are extremely popular, more so than ever before. When you want a tattoo, it is always important to go to a tattoo artist that you can trust. Should you not, you could suffer with infection or a poorly applied tattoo.

Our tattoo artists are extremely skilled in tattooing, and will have no issues in producing the art, pattern or wording that you desire.

Find out more about tattoos in Cheltenham by giving us a call on 01242 220 790.

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